Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top San Francisco Restaurant Coming to... West Adams.

As documented in this here space I recently relocated eastward to West Adams. While there's a few solid local haunts, most of the restaurant rumblings in my new hood are more what's to come, rather than what's currently here. Rumors swirl up and down West Adams Boulevard that this and that will be opening. Last week came the loudest, most concrete rumbling of all: Alta is coming to West Adams.

It will be the inaugural southern sojourn for the adored San Francisco restaurant and for double Michelin-starred chef Daniel Patterson, his second foray in Los Angeles (joining his fast casual spot with Roy Choi, Locol in Watts). Although not scheduled to open until 2018 (I was told "April" at a recent Labor Day Block Party), they've stapled renderings to the side of their future home. Probably in an attempt to hype and prepare the ever-changing WA.

At the top of this post you see the exterior sketch. Looks like they are very much aspiring to keep the original shape and aesthetic of the building, with some modern touches. Alta will also feature an attached, fully dedicated espresso bar/coffee shop. Pour-over and everything, y'all. While that may not excite many, for West Adams it will be the first anywhere near this location. Next year I will totally be typing this very blog in that very spot. That's actually my likeness there in the back left. Although who wears a sports coat to a coffeeshop nowadays? Or, wait, should I be WEARING A SPORTSCOAT TO A COFFEESHOP?

Alta will feature a cozy patio out of someone's Parisian wet dreams as well... 

Current view...

Exciting stuff for sure. The culinary future of West Adams appears bright as Alta will join the previously announced massive craft beer bar Clyde Curson (although construction does not appear to have commenced), as well as Luna's Cakes and the yet un-monikered sandwich spot coming to the Adams/Marvin corner that appears ready to pop soon'ish.

Monday, September 11, 2017

LA's Top Bakery Is Sorta Free All Week.

This week the sweet SusieCakes folks want to thank us, the people who way too often stuff our gourd with their beautiful cakes and cookies - special event or otherwise (like, in my case, usually a late Tuesday morning celebrating... a late Tuesday morning). All you have to do is download their gratis app and pop into a location. There's a different "SusieFavors Member Appreciation Week" freebie/discount each day, Monday, 9/11 through Friday, 9/15.

I definitely will be stopping by today for half off cake slices. And maybe also tomorrow for a comped cookie. And maybe...

Anyway, you also, outside of this special week, earn two free cupcakes just for downloading the app. And can get a free slice on your birthday. So... JUST DO IT (like Nike!). Download here.

Find your nearest Susie's.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Still Don't Have Labor Day Weekend Plans?

It's actually pretty annoying how sudden Labor Day Weekend wills itself onto the calendar. It's sneaky as fuck. You're thinking, "This is going to be the SUMMER OF MY GODDAMN LIFE!" and next thing you know, it's basically over. And while the Weekend sadly unofficially marks the end of the season that precedes autumn, it also means something cool (not a pun because it's really hot right now):

The food festival. Not the weird TV show.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Paramount lot, almost every good restaurant in LA dishes out foodstuffs and liquid magic. Like years past, I'll be there. Will you?

No, seriously, will you? If so, shoot me an email or a DM or raven and let's meet up. I'll be there for sure on Saturday afternoon for "Field To Fork" (Astro Doughnuts! Belcampo! Coni Seafood! Hayden! McConnell's! Preux & Proper!) and Sunday afternoon for "Sunday Block Party" (The Butcher's Daughter! Magpie's! Otium! Rosaline! Salt & Straw!) because I prefer the daytime food festival events due to their serenity and just pure focus on stuffing your face. However, I may also make an appearance Saturday night for "Dinner With A Twist" to finally try The Bellwether (it's, at least, not a trek to The Valley).