Wednesday, January 10, 2018

There's A Dude Doing Bagels... TO ORDER. And They're Fantastic.

Where: Pop's Bagels.
What: A local pop-up baking bagels to order.

Why: Why the fuck not? It's no secret most LA bagels suck. Like, really suck. Like, a big cultured city shouldn't have such shitty bagels. The past few years that tide has fortutiously begun to shift thanks to the likes of Maury's and Belle's, but there's still a large gaping hole in our wonderful city. About as big as the pizza gap once was and a little bit smaller than the hole in an agent's heart. A new pop-up is hoping to change that with FRESH bagels. Unlike any bagel operation I've ever encountered, Pop's does their bagels... to order. Yep. Each, individual bagel is baked in a tiny oven right after you order it. The result is a crunchy exterior with a warm, chewy center that you simply don't get in these here oceanside parts. They also house-make their toppings and schmear. The combo - a piping hot, personally-baked Plain/Cinnamon Raisin/Everything bagel and scratch made cream cheese - is the stuff of pop-up legend.

For now, Pop's is only available at the occasional event (like the Platform last month for a holiday fair) and by private booking. So, I don't know, maybe a reader should definitely book them for a private brunch or something and definitely, absolutely invite this guy?! Word is they're thinking brick and mortar in the near future. When exactly who the eff knows. So for now, follow along on the 'gram.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Best Of 2017...

UPDATE: It's now live on Instagram. Follow this advent calendar of the year's best cheap eats with one new top thrifty foodstuff featured each day for the first 17 days of December.


... Is coming! Very soon.

The annual Unemployed Eater end of the year, LA's Top 17 Foodstuffs Under $17 returns December 1st. Like past years, the rules are simple: 1) 2017 must be the first year in which I ate the dish, 2) Be from an LA restaurant, 3) Cost less than $17 - before tax, 4) Taste fucking amazing.

Unlike past iterations, this year's list will be revealed via... Instagram. Starting December 1st, one top dish will be posted per day, until December 18th. So make sure you follow UE on Insta.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

You Should Be Eating Here Right Now: Uovo.

What: Uovo
Where: 1320 2nd Street #A, Santa Monica.

Why: LA does pasta really well. Rarely though is this well-done pasta actually affordable. Like, prime cut filet prices for pasta dishes. What the fuck is up with that? That's where Uovo comes in. The new Santa Monica pasta den makes all their product in a company-owned kitchen in Bologna, Italy - with regional eggs that lend to pasta-making. Hand-rolled, sheeted and cut by Bolognese pasta chefs that know what the fuck is up, the pasta is then immediately put on an airplane and given its wings with destination Los Angeles. They arrive in LA mere days old. Tossed in a salty bath and a fresh sauce and you got as close as LA offers to real, authentic Italian pasta. The portions are rather sizable as well, with not one dish above sixteen buckaroos. My personal favorites: the Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe and the (pictured above) Tortellini Crema di Parmigiano, a tender meat tortellini bathing in a light, yet cheesy Parmesano-Reggiano cream sauce. Honestly, I tried most of the menu though and nothing disappointed.