Friday, April 17, 2015

I Ate Brunch At Republique. It Was Awesome. And Covered.

Recently the peeps behind Cover, a new to LA restaurant bill-paying app, plopped a meal's worth of smackaroos in my Cover account and welcomed me to give the application a whirl at any of their participating restaurants. After reading some literature on Cover, it seemed simple enough to use even for a harebrained iPhone user like myself, so I was like, sure, whatevs. I flipped through the spots and while there were a lot of decent names to choose amongst, the second I saw Republique, I knew I was going to motherfucking Republique.

I've wanted to brunch at Republique for a while now and here was a chance to eat there essentially for free. Furthermore, my wife and I love to go on weekend hikes, followed by a restaurant visit to order literally the least healthy things on the menu. We don't do it on purpose; it just happens. Every time. Maybe due to the mental back-patting from completing a hike? Or maybe we're just goddamn gluttons. Who knows. It's super fun though. And Republique is a PERFECT spot for such an activity. Chef Walter Manzke's food is top notch and his wife, Margarita, is one of the city's finest pastry chefs. The space itself is also beautiful and roomy, thus comfortable for maximum gut-busting.

Brunch at Republique is more of an informal affair than the dinner. You walk up and order. Which, I'm not going to lie (because I was once a Boy Scout) was made even simpler via Cover. I moseyed up to the register, shouted my order, opened the app on my phone, told the employee about it AND WHAM, I WAS DONE. THE BILL WAS PAID FOR (with the remaining balance covered by a credit card I inserted into the app beforehand). MAGIC. I'd also be interested in trying Cover for a sit-down group dinner as it allows you to automatically split a meal amongst friends. Guess now I have to make friends to do that, but I'm up for the challenge.

The app aside, here are items we ordered: Dry-Aged Beef Burger (which comes with some of LA's bestest fries), Brioche French Toast, an Almond Financier Cake, a Brownie and the bakery's signature dessert, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. Dang. Thanks, Cover!

624 S. La Brea, LA.
Brunch: 8 am - 4 pm.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sweetness. Peet's Offering Half Off Blended Drinks For A Whole Month.

The Peetniks have a nifty offer that is going to be really, really hard to ignore as the temperatures climb: HALF OFF ANY SIZE, ANY FLAVOR OF THEIR NEW "JAVIVA" BLENDED DRINKS... FOR THE NEXT MONTH. The deal goes from 12-4 pm every day, between April 15th and May 12th, 2015. No coupon necessary. So, technically, you could go to Peet's every day for the next month. Or, even better idea: "treat" the entire office to blended drinks after lunch - and then upon check out, feign absolute shock when everyone's beverage is rung up half off.

Although I always enjoyed their previous blended incarnations (The Freddo), the new Javiva starts with a stronger, freshly-brewed coffee base that really elevates it. Don't believe me? You should. I write a food blog. Either way, you can read their literature for yourself all about their latest bev.

Find your nearest Peet's location here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Be Happy Because You're Getting Five Days of Happy Hour All Over LA.

If you are the type of person who doesn't like a good Happy Hour, I say this with utter sincerity and kindness: what the hell is wrong with you? Happy Hours are great. They make you, well, for lack of a better word (and out of pure laziness on the writer's part), happy. You get a taste of the menu and a drink from the bar for a fraction of their normal fee.

It's a wonderfully happy... hour - and it's even better when it extends beyond that.

Luckily for you and me and everyone else in our fair city, the dineLA people are making an ENTIRE WEEK out of it. Happy Hours? Happy Week? dineLA's first annual Happy Hour Week goes down April 27th through May 1st at restaurants spanning the Southland. Although some of the participating restaurants are offering their normal HH fare, that doesn't mean this week isn't worth your valuable time. For one, some restaurants, like say, Redbird and Terrine, which are as hot as Mars right now, don't usually have a Happy Hour at all. For HHW, they will. Also, many of the featured joints will offer an early evening AND a late night happiest of hours. Not to mention special 'tails.

Being the good samaritan that I am, I went through all the Happy Hour Week menus and these are the four I'm most "happy" about (with menu links)...

  • Birch. Hollywood. According to my hip friends, Birch is a hip, new spot. And I'd probably kill a new born for that burger and blood orange marg combo right about now. It will be available in the early eve (5:30-7) and for the late night hangries (10-11:30).
  • Fundamental LA. Westwood. Fundamental is one of the city's best restaurants that most people don't know about. They are offering a (special for the HHW only) Happy Hour menu from 5:30-7 pm that includes Mini B.L.T.s (!), beignets, cheese and cheap local craft beers. 
  • Preux & Proper. Downtown. P & P is a hot new "California-farm-to-table-New-Oreleans" thang downtown. And although their HHW menu isn't the cheapest, it may very well offer the widest selection, including oyster shooters, frog legs, a ridiculously delicious sounding Brisket Dip and, of course, a Po Boy. All well drinks and shots are BOGO as well. Sounds quite proper to me. I said that because of the name of the place. The special menu is available 4-6 pm and 11 pm - 2 am.
  • The Polo Lounge. Beverly Hills. There is something classically cool about the Polo Lounge and I've dreamed of eating a meal there since I visited LA in my early teens. I have yet to go. Maybe Happy Hour Week is when I finally change that. After all, The Beverly Hills Hotel is generously doing four and a half happy hours a day for the five days (4-6:30; 10-12). To be completely frank: I've not even sure the menu sounds that great, but I just want to go to The Polo Lounge and rub shoulders with fellow Polo Loungers. Who's coming with me?