Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Only Weekly Lunch.

What: Greens & Grains.
Where: Cava.

Why: If you've poked around this very world wide website before you know: I eat. A lot. Not 'healthy' at all. Readers/followers interpret my diet either as a) bad ass, or b) you're going to kill yourself. Fret not my brohemes, I do NOT eat entire deep dish pizzas for lunch... on the reg. In fact, I spend a good amount of my "non-blog eating time" trying really darn hard to eat healthy. It's not always easy peasy though. I'm not a "salad and lean protein and olive oil and lemon" sorta dude. I need some goddamn flavor, even for my 'healthy' meals. 

Honestly, my first few Cava visits were rather uninspired. I couldn't figure out 'my order.' They seemingly had all these delicious, tasty offerings, but I just couldn't concoct a winning lunch. Then I sorta stumbled on their Greens & Grains - accidentally, as I'm pretty sure the employee misheard me - and I've been addicted ever since. Cava has quickly evolved into my only weekly lunch; as in, it's the only place I eat lunch at least once a week. It's mandatory dining. You are welcome to make your own G & G, but if you're wondering my usual order (pictured above): Splendid Greens, brown basmati rice, grilled chicken, Eggplant Red Pepper dip, Crazy Feta, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, pickled onions, cabbage slaw, Tomato + Onion salad, kalamata olives, and a little of both Lemon Herb Tahini and Green Harissa dressings. It's a whole bowl of fucking deliciousness, which, when all mixed together, does not taste like a 'healthy' meal at all. 

Now, I know some of you are like, that's not that healthy, bro. It is for me though. It's not an entire deep dish. 

Although now I want deep dish. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Roasted Pork Sandwiches at Prime Pizza All Day For A Buck.

Fly Eagles Fly. In celebration of last eve's Eagles Super Bowl victory, top drawer local pizza joint Prime is celebrating by offering their new'ish Philly Pork Sandwich for only $1 all day. Prime's rendition of the Brotherly Love classic comes with house-roasted pork, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and hot cherry peppers. Offer valid only today, 2/5/18, at their Little Tokyo location. 

Also don't forget while you're there: Prime pumps out arguably LA's best slice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

One of LA's Best Breakfast Sandwiches is FREE Every Saturday and Almost No One Knows.

What: Chicken Sausage & Egg Sandwich.
Where: Saturday Brunch at Love & Salt (Manhattan Beach).

Why: Everybody and their dentist talks about that one Manhattan Beach brunch. Rightfully so too. It's one of the more superior weekend morning grub sessions in all of the Southland. Don't be a fool though. It's not the only top drawer brunch option in MB. A few blocks up Manhattan Beach Blvd, Love & Salt may be most renown for their dinner menu of duck egg-adorned pizzas and fresh pastas, but their brunch should be on similar notice.

Now, you have no excuse to not give it a try: Love & Salt wants YOU to come sample their newest menu addition. Pro bono. Every Saturday from henceforth, the first 15 orders of their Chicken Sausage & Egg Sandwich are free. The first fifteen people to be seated and get their order in when L&S opens Saturday mornings at 10 am receives the (normally $12) delicious breakfast sammie for zero dollars and zero cents. We're not talking about some second rate South Bay sandwich either. The CS&E Sandwich is a comely combo of homemade chicken sausage patty, fontina cheesy-scrambled eggs and super herb-y pesto, on a golden Larder Baking Co brioche bun. It's quite good. Especially free.

Oh yeah. The lemon curd-blueberry-ricotta pancakes are also good...

And the housemade English Muffins. Totally get 'em, dude...