Thursday, April 29, 2010

The 4,000 Calorie Meal

With all the hoopla surrounding KFC's Double Down, and, now, this week's IHOP announcement of the "five-layer pancake stacker" -- cheesecake filling in between two large pancakes -- health experts are rightfully outraged. The oft quoted "this is why we're fat," they're saying. Au contraire, my scientific friends, there are many other reasons, according to The Week. They've listed seven long running offers at America's top chain restaurants with significantly more depressing nutritional value. The worst? How about Claim Jumper's Beef Back Ribs:
Description: "Slow-roasted then flame-broiled and loaded with flavor — will satisfy your hearty appetite"
'Nutritional' data:
4,301 calories, which includes a whopping 156g of saturated fat and almost 4 times the FDA's recommended daily salt intake (7,623mg).
Equivalent to eating:
Nearly 8 of KFC's Double Downs
Now, that is ridiculous. How ridiculous? The FDA recommends the average adult consume 2,000 calories daily, and no more than 2,300 mg of salt and 20 g of saturated fat. So, the ribs are more than double the daily calorie amount and almost eight times the recommended saturated fat. Now, I support Claim Jumper. I am a fan, but, let's be honest, that, my friends, is why we are fat.


  1. Even though this article does not list Ream's favorite restaurant, Long John SIlvers, I'm still sending this post to her. I think we should get her reactions.