Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Questions With... Lucky Vanous, The Man Behind Lucky Devils' Awesome Bacon Bleu Burger


Took this out of the archives...

In 1994, Lucky Vanous made women across the country swoon for Diet Coke. Years later, he's making me faint myself over the signature Bacon Bleu burger at his Hollywood restaurant, Lucky Devils. It truly is an amazing burger. A would-take-to-prom-if-she-said-yes-burger. Lucky was nice enough to answer five questions regarding the Bacon Blue...

1. How'd the Bacon Bleu come about -- the bun, the meat, the cheese, etc?
The Bacon Bleu was a process. To me it is the classic combination of beef and bleu cheese, so I was inspired to create an amazing burger. I spent months trying to find the perfect blue cheese that would compliement the beef. I also wanted a soft, buttery bun and we use a brioche bun which is airy and fits our burgers so well.

2. What do you think separates your burger from the crowd of other so-called Los Angeles "gourmet" burgers? Any other ones you like out there?
My philosophy is quality products, clean food and make it all from scratch. I've tried many burgers around and feel that they all are overloaded in flavors and use medium grade beef. I like to simplify our burgers to make the fantastic beef stand out. We offer two types of beef, all natural grass feed from Tallgrass Beef Company and Snake River Farms Kobe, which is from a family owned farm and is also all natural. Not only do these taste great but they are actually good for you. I do really like Burger Lounge down in San Diego, if you are down that way, be sure and check it out.

3. It says on the restaurant's website you learned a lot of your cooking from your grandmother. She a Bacon Bleu fan?
She most definitely is. She tried it when she came out here and said she never had it anything quite like it!

4. The fries are pretty freaking awesome, too. Is that a simple, cut up some potatoes, drop in the deep fryer, sprinkle with some sea salt deal?
Yes and we also use 0% transfat oil!

5. What beers compliment the burger best?
I highly recommend a great Belgium beer, St. Bernardus Abt 12 we have on draft. It's a perfect fit with the bleu cheese, beef and the bacon.

Thanks, Lucky. I am incredibly hungry and find myself trying to eat the image of the burger of the top of the page...


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