Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amazing Race Introduces the World to Ice Cream Sandwiches on White Bread

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"The Amazing Race" has introduced me to many things over the years. Nothing, however, fascinated me more than this past Sunday's episode in which the contestants sold ice cream sandwiches in Singapore. Ice cream sandwiches that consisted of ice cream and... white bread!

Yep, white bread.

After doing some research on the internets I discovered that ice cream sandwiches are available in Singapore on either a wafer or bread, both being equally popular. Many times the bread is colored green (and even sometimes rainbow) from the use of pandan, a Southeast Asian leave, but, it appears, the pandan simply gives the bread an aroma, not an altered taste. And although my friend Leone over at her My Life in Singapore blog notes all breads are a tad sweeter than normal in Singapore, it appears the locals are literally eating a block on ice cream in between a folded slice of Wonder Bread.

This blows my mind. How did this come about? Years back did Singapore hear about the Western craze of "ice cream sandwiches" and take it literally? I tried my best to find the answer. But, and no shocker here, there is little information out there regarding the history of the ice cream sandwich in Singapore.

So, I guess, for now this remains a mystery.