Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shit That's Awesome -- Bud Light Bowling Pin Bottles

Many say the LA culinary scene is blah. I say those people are eating and drinking with their fucking eyes closed. Luckily, I will direct them to the quirky/awesome...

Alley: Bay Shore Lanes
Location: Santa Monica

The best part of bowling is certainly not bowling. It's the Bud Light bottles in bowling pin shapes! Are you kidding me? How awesome are these things? I seriously sometimes find myself at other sporting venues questioning vehemently with innocent vendors why they do not offer appropriately proportioned beer bottles. Where's the baseball bat at Chavez? The hockey stick at Staples? The Beckham at the Home Depot Center?

The bowling pin bottles are just so cool. I mean, fuck, look at them.


  1. this article sucks, so does bowling and especially budlight.

    1. You must suck weiner if you think bud light sucks

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