Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shit That's Awesome: La Grande Orange's Chicken Nachitos

I'll just get this out of the way: Santa Monica's La Grande Orange is hipper than thou. The customers are hipper than thou. The decor is hipper than thou. The waitresses/actresses are hipper than thou. The egg white with turkey omelette that comes with no side is hipper than thou. The miniature moniker, "Nachitos," for their signature ginormous nacho plate, " is both annoying and beyond hipper than thou.

But, I fucking love them. They are amazing.

After spending the entire month of March without cheese the Nachitos were the first thing my lady friend and I wanted come April. I will not go too deep into why we abstained from queso, but I will just say we made a bet. And I lost. Thus, no cheese for a month. But, you know what kept me going? The thought of the LGO Nachitos. I dreamed of them day and night. The chips are perfect. The guac and salsa top notch. Crazy amounts of shredded cheese (no cheese sauce here, thankfully). And, the best part, the pulled chicken. The chicken is certainly what separates LGO from the rest. While many places seem to throw last night's leftover meat on their nachos, LGO does the complete opposite by topping the Nachitos with fresh and juicy rotisserie pulled chicken. This slightly gourmet touch to a typically boring dish makes them the best in town.

So make your way down to Main Street, eat the Nachitos, sip a fresh margarita (also top notch at LGO) and then go home and take a long nap.


  1. Their burger and fish tacos are really good too. Even the sushi is good. What restaurant do you know that can serve up awesome nachos AND sushi?

  2. I second Linsay's comment... i like that place. and now i want nachos!

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