Friday, April 16, 2010

Soon There Might Actually Be Edible Food at LAX

According to today's LA Times, LAX may soon offer a plethora of local favorite dining options. This is fantastic news. The only thing worse than LA traffic is being dropped off too early at LAX on an empty stomach. The Times mentions a possible Park's Korean Bar-B-Q, LA Mill spinoff, La Seranata de Garibaldi, a Border Grill Taquiera and M Cafe de Chaya in the near future. There is even the possibility of a Mozza-like Nancy Silverton-run Italian joint:

Silverton, who owns Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza in Hollywood with celebrity chef Mario Batali, has proposed an Italian cafe called Spuntino (which means “snack” in Italian) in Terminal 7. Her menu would include fresh-from-the-oven foccacia or a version of her famous pizzas and the same kind of appetizers she serves at her mozzarella bar at Osteria Mozza –- locally produced mozzarella and burrata served with Italian cured meats and olives.

“I said I wanted a Berkel slicer, so I can slice my prosciutto to order,” Silverton said.
Honestly, any food -- let alone from some of LA's finest -- would be better than the current options. Hopefully these additions will be finalized soon...

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