Friday, April 23, 2010

That's a Middling Caesar Salad: Urth Caffe

I really want to like Urth Caffe. I really do. I dig their morning muffin selection and they may have the best pumpkin pie in town. But, there is simply something about the place that cries, douche. Maybe it's all the "Entourage appearances" -- and the out-of-town patrons these appearances have unfortunately introduced to the numerous locations. Or, maybe, it's simply their middling caesar salad.

It's so blah. The dressing, which the menu singles out for being both "delicious" and "homemade," tastes either delicious nor homemade. It lacks significant flavor. And no Urth Caffe health bullshit, please. They serve a freaking Reuben nowadays! A freaking Reuben. And while the lettuce is quite fresh, they substitute croutons for something stupid called "parmesan cheese chips." That's the most asinine idea decision they've made since fornicating themselves out to "Entourage." A Caesar salad should have croutons. Period.