Monday, April 12, 2010

Where to Eat Near the Dreaded Santa Monica Promenade

Last week a buddy of mine emailed me a query: I am going to be near the Promenade for work around dinnertime where the hell do I take my woman to eat? This is a much tougher question than you may imagine. The Promenade offers a wealth of options. But almost none of them are any good. P.F. Changs is a joke. Houston's? While I enjoy the place I usually save it for a similar dining conundrum when stuck at the Century City mall. All the options actually on Third Street should be left for the tourists. So, where does one go while we all anxiously await the new culinary offerings of the remodeled Santa Monica Place?

The steak frites rock. So do the morning pastries.

Border Grill
I mean, chef Susan Feniger just moved on to the 2nd round of Top Chef Masters.

Fraiche Santa Monica
As the old saying goes: if the original location can make it in Culver City it can make it anywhere.

Joe's Pizza
This pizza place does not have Los Angeleno heritage. IT MUST BE GOOD.

And there's always a hidden gem right off the promenade ...

Cha Cha Chicken
Order the enchiladas. Thank me later.

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