Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food is Art. Art is Food.

When I attend art exhibits I'm excited for three minutes, interested for five and hungry almost immediately. That's why this is pretty cool... Palate: Food as Muse. It's a whole exhibition dedicated to food-related art. Opening Night it's even got open bar from 7-10 pm! It's in the Helms Bakery! Here is the Flavorpill info (written by yours truly btw)!
For those of you who think hors d'oeuvres are the highlight of the average art exhibit, Scion presents a showcase where appetizers are the art.Palate features a plethora of mouth-wateringly inedible pieces from a wide array of artists, including Scott Hove and his fearsome — yet fluffy —Cakeland exhibition. Also on the menu: James Reynolds' photos of death row inmates' last meals, Jeff Vespa's huge Polaroids of fast-food burgers, Jeph Gurecka's installation made out of his own homemade bread, and even a vintage exhibit from the Candy Wrapper Museum.

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