Monday, May 17, 2010

LAist Has Officially Lost It

Look. I don't hate LAist. I know some webfolks call them a walking advertisement. And, at times, they seem to be. Like the time they wrote a glowing review for the absolutely vile Spike TV show "Blue Mountain State" -- a show so unfunny it's not even funny. But, generally, I pass over such pieces because from time to time they actually deliver some solid local news (I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but I'm serious). Today, however, they've gone off the wagon again. They are praising the food at South. The Mac & Cheese to be exact. Have you ever eaten at South? Worst. Food. In. LA. Well, that may be a tad drastic... So let's say worst food outside of Dodger Stadium in LA. LAist praises South's M&C for "melting"their top layer of cheese rather than following the local food trend of "baking" it. You know why the local food trend is baking the top layer of cheese? Because it tastes better. And it's how gourmet food is done. Ever see "melted cheese" on Iron Chef/Top Chef/your grandmother's mac and cheese? Nooooooo. LAist, today is an epic fail.

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