Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shit That's Awesome: North End Caffe

Dear North End Caffe,

I love you. Not in a sexual way. No, not at all. That would be weird. Rather, I love you in a hyper-sexual way. You make all my dreams come true. When I step into your small Manhattan Beach space I feel as if I am being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter's eve. You care about me. I care about you. You serve me the best fucking fries in the Southland with the best fucking dipping sauces in the Southland... and I, well, I fucking enjoy them. In fact, I drive miles out of my way at times to visit you. And you welcome me every time. You, with your awesome turkey paninis and chicken cheesesteaks. You, with your Diners, Drive-ins and Drives appearances. You, with your ocean view. Oh, you. I can't wait til we spend time together again. Please write back -- it's only been two days since we saw each other last and I miss you already.

Many hugs and many kisses,
Southland Glutton.

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