Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trying the Coke Freestyle Super Machine

My buddy Andrew, an OC'er, made the trek yesterday to his local El Pollo Loco to try out the new fancy Coke Freestyle Machine I was gushing over yesterday. Andrew described the machine as "all that was promised and more," adding: "All in all, worth the trip to El Pollo Loco... if it's possible to make an El Pollo Loco trip worth it."

He got an Orange Coke ("incredibly syrupy, but surprisingly not bad") and a Raspberry Sprite ("truly fantastic"). He also got my complete and utter envy.

And now a gallery of not the highest quality pictures...


  1. But what did you get to eat Andrew?

  2. Do they have a 'shit' flavor?

    I'd still go for the iced tea next to it.