Friday, June 4, 2010

Observations From Krispy Kreme's Free Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day. Probably one of the better holidays if you ask me. To celebrate, Krispy Kreme is giving out a free donut at a plethora of their locations. Since I pretty much can't pass up a free anything I made my way down to the Santa Monica KK this morning. Let it be known: this was my first visit to Krispy Kreme in probably three years. My last visit -- a pit stop on an excruciatingly long drive home in which I ate my feelings -- left me sorta traumatized. Luckily, this visit was much more pleasing.

Here are my observations...


- Free Donut Day allowed the customer to choose any donut. Most companies limit the selection on freebie days.

- The employees were incredibly friendly. For such a drab environment (see "THE BAD" below) they really lightened up the place a bit. They also very nicely informed all unknowing customers one of their donuts was free today.

- The donut itself, while nothing to write home about, was tasty.

- Most of the customers were not there for Free Donut Day. Anyone who says the donut business is dead is wrong.

- The donut variety seems to have increased measurably since my last visit.


- The shop. The walls and space are just so damn depressing with their faux vintage look. Maybe that works at the original Blue Grass State locations, which are actually old, but it simply does not work here.

- I could not locate one poster in the store advertising Free Donut Day. While I understand the point of the promotion is to bring in non-regulars like myself, it seems entirely unfair to the frequent and loyal visitors who had no idea until they ordered today.

- All locations should make the donuts fresh. The Santa Monica location does not -- and, honestly, without the assembly line gimmick, there's very little separating Krispy Kreme from the competition.

- The #6 Combo. The SM location is a Krispy Kreme/Coffee Bean hybrid. Thus, the combos mostly offer donuts and CB coffee. The #6 though is calorically and carbohydrate-ly appalling. For $5 and change you get any two donuts and a regular-sized Ice Blended! Look, it's not Krispy Kreme's job to keep America skinny, but since this mini-Coffee Bean does not offer any of the company's sugar-free syrups/powders, if you order a #6 you are literally ordering a sugar-infused drink with whip cream and two sugar-laden donuts. The #6 is absolutely, positively why we are fat.

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