Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nate 'n Al's 65th Anniversary: From the Homeless to the Erik Estrada

The freaking awesome people at Nate 'n Al's decided to celebrate their 65th Anniversary by giving away 65 cent sandwiches on Tuesday. Obviously, this fits nicely into my Unemployed Eater budget, so I was totally there.

When my buddy Trevor and I showed up at noon this was the line that greeted us (and reminded me I'm not the only bargain hunter in the 9-0's):

A Nate 'n Al's employee quickly greeted us and took down our name. She said it would be about an hour and we were free to walk around and check back in a little bit. I can't express how nice it was to here this. Most freebies of the like force patrons to wait in line.. or else. After walking around the area for about a half hour we returned to the line and waited. Quite a line it was, too: hundreds of non-Beverly Hills residents waiting in anticipation of one of Beverly Hills' only institutions. After 30 minutes or so and our name was called...

It was a scene inside, but not crazy like I expected. The reality show, Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" was shooting, but that was only one camera. They had one of their realtors pretending to be a server for the day. He came over and chatted with us for a bit -- pleasant enough. Our waitress on the other hand was all business in classic east-coast-bitch-Jewish-deli-lady-fashion and quickly demanded our order. Trev and I both ordered turkey sandwiches (sans lettuce, side of Russian) on Rye with a side cup of chicken Matzoh ball soup. The price tag??? 65 friggin' cents each!

The soup:

The sandwich:

Both were pretty solid and reminded me why I adored the place so much. Nate 'n Al's certainly has charm. And the whole lunch was handled as fluidly as possible when you have hundreds of old Jewish ladies yelling that its too hot to wait in line. Not to mention the type of other shady characters that usually pop up to take advantage of such deals. Like myself. And Erik Estrada.


  1. Did they put noodles in the Matzoh ball soup?

  2. No noodles for the free cups, but otherwise I think you get them.

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