Monday, September 27, 2010

Farmer John Farmer Crazy


If you haven't noticed Farmer John's is on a crusade to make the bacon-wrapped hot dog the "Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles." What they get out of all this I have absolutely no idea, and, honestly, the whole concept is pretty stupid. Their promotional video mentions the city's ridiculously seeming, yet apparently utter need for an official hot dog -- like culinary luminaries, "Cincinnati" and "Mobile, Alabama."

Why would a health conscious city like LA even want to be associated with an official wiener? And, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Farmer John, but no one outside of Los Angeles likes Dodger Dogs (don't get your panties in a bunch Dodger fans... the same could be said for Fenway Franks in Boston...), so the thought of you having any part in the official dog also makes no sense. You also can't officially campaign for an "official" food staple of a city. It doesn't work that way. These things are earned over years of reputation (i.e. Philly cheesesteak). Or at least respected and honored by the city. Last time I checked the LA suits were trying to rid downtown streets of bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

If the city is already trying to shut them down... I'm pretty sure the last thing these vendors want is added attention. How about we keep these delicious dogs the unofficial official hot dogs of LA?

Word diarrhea aside, FJ is donating $5 to local food banks for every vote. Which is all well and good, but you can only vote "yes." Which is not all well and good, and actually a total conundrum and making my normally altruistic head hurt.


  1. Dodger Dogs rule! Have you ever even had one?! So good. Best dog in the majors by far. It's called a promotional campaign, so who really cares?!

  2. I knew the Dodger fans would hate to hear the truth...

    As for the campaign: I guess the promotion just gave me a rise, that's all. Trying to label an official food is, so, well, LA.

  3. Hilarious. Look at the ad below this comment box... Oh, man.

  4. That is amusing. The power of the Google ad engine to know what it should be feed the readers of a particular blog. Crazy stuff indeed. There is nothing that says Los Angeles like a hot dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in onions and peppers and sold to you by a little Mexi-lady for a mere buck or two. That's Los Angeles. It's what makes this town special. Kudos to Farmer Job for recognizing the spirit of the City of Angels and doing something about it.

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