Monday, November 29, 2010

Win a Contest Worth Winning (to New Orleans)

Get it straight: I am not a contest enterer. Not my thing. There's no chance to win and usually all your entry merits is the unfortunate result of landing on some blah blah's mass email chain.

Well, here's a contest that's so freaking easy to enter, so freaking easy to win and so freaking worth it. It's basically a mini-culinary tour of NO and if you win all you are going to do is eat... and take me with you. I promise to only bring a carry-on!

Simply sign up for the CulturePOP newsletter (email and zip code). That's it. Done. Automatically entered. You should be reading CulturePOP anyway because it's Ovation's culture blog and we all know Ovation is the channel you should be watching, but can't locate on your dial.

NOTE: Contest ends tomorrow, so get on with it...