Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Georgetown Cupcakes (aka "DC Cupcakes") - A Quick Taste Test

A friend of mine at TLC emailed me yesterday: Yo, the office just got flooded with Georgetown Cupcakes. You want me to save you a few? I, of course, said, hell yes. So what if they were overnighted from the nation's capital on Monday, delivered to the LA offices of TLC on Tuesday and I wouldn't receive the handoff at the Century City Mall until Wednesday? I still needed to try these goddamn cupcakes. After all, they have taken D.C. by storm, and more recently, our airwaves (via TLC's "D.C. Cupcakes").

Naturally, I expected the cupcakes to be dry. And they were -- but only slightly. I was actually rather impressed with the softness of the cake and frosting of cupcakes that made the cross-continental journey a mere two days prior. Even two days old, I could taste why people are always lined up around the block on the show. These cupcakes were good for LA standards; for D.C., they probably insert political cupcake domination joke here...

In the box were two Coconut Cupcakes (vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting), a Chocolate Peppermint and a White Chocolate Peppermint. The Chocolate Peppermint, consisting of a Vahlrona chocolate cake and a Callebaut chocolate ganache frosting, has as much flavor as the similar holiday offering at Sprinkles (note: Sprinkles chocolate peppermint has a dark chocolate cake). And the White Chocolate Peppermint, white Callebaut chocolate infused peppermint cake topped with white chocolate buttercream, is one of the best peppermint flavored cupcakes I've ever had. I assume -- if it were fresh -- it would have been the best. Overall, pretty impressive.


  1. Cupcakes are tasty. Fresher is better. Fascinating.

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