Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye, Beautiful Beacon Burger - A Love Haiku

Preface: With the unfortunate news coming this week that Culver City's beloved Beacon would be permanently shutting their doors, I knew I had to go one last time. To say goodbye to a wonderful restaurant and, in doing so, bid adieu to one of the best burgers in Los Angeles. A burger I have fought for. A burger I love.

Yesterday we said our farewells and I find it only fitting if I lay this 1/2 pound masterpiece of meat -- perfectly topped with thick slabs of Nueske bacon, Gruyere and a sweet soy glaze -- to rest in the form of a haiku...

Goodbye, Beautiful Beacon Burger

Cloaked in Ciabatta
The belle of the burger ball;
Your brawn will go on.

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