Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pizza Rumor: Former 31Ten Pizza Maestro Opening Areal?

One of Noel's 31Ten Margarita pies.
Adding to the Eater LA story a few days back about World Cafe reopening next week as Areal, I hear via the coastline (corny local version of 'grapevine,' sorry) that pizza maestro Noel Brohner is in talks with the new chef over there about helping launch their pizza program.

If you remember, Noel successfully opened fellow Main Street restaurant/lounge, 31Ten's pizza kitchen earlier this year. At the time, I went so far to proclaim 31Ten purveyors of the Westside's best pizza. Then after only a mere three months, Noel promptly exited the joint to pursue other ventures. While at 31Ten, Noel got their wood-burning oven up to 1000 degrees, which would pump out tasty as hell and beautifully leopard-spotted Neapolitan pies. Here's hoping for the same at Areal.

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  1. Holy mama mia! That's some phat-looking crust. Bring it on...