Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frysmith Truck to Become Soupsmith Pop-Up January 16-21

Locals almost always seem to find themselves scrambling for some good soup during this time of year as it actually could be considered "cold" in Los Angeles. Well, for one week in 2012, we won't have to worry because the beloved Frysmith fry truck will be launching a pop-up concept, Soupsmith January 16-21. Schedule available on their website on January 15th. From the looks of the press release below, sounds like some pretty inspired hot liquid meals:

For one week only, this mobile pop-up restaurant will feature a combination of unusual and familiar soups, all with the Frysmith twist. “Cream of Mushroom” becomes “Truffled Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Soup” while “Butternut Squash Soup” gets a kick with chipotle peppers and pumpkin seeds. 
Unexpected offerings include a medley of short ribs with Israeli couscous and roasted cauliflower. Taking a flavor cue from the Indian dish saag paneer, Cho has created a spicy spinach soup and added roasted peppers, feta cheese and pine nuts. The “Shrimp, Andouille & Black-Eyed Pea Stew” vibrates with jambalaya flavors while the “Hot & Sour Lamb with Wild Rice Soup” gives the Chinese classic a spin.