Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. opened over a year ago and ever since I pretty much did everything I possibly could to avoid eating there. I sort of ignored the fact that bloggers I trust (i.e. Midtown Lunch) sort of dug it. Not possible I thought. But recently a good friend who lives in the BHills area started a crusade to not just get me into the place, but to get me to adore it.

So reluctantly between NFL playoff games this past weekend we sauntered down to the South Beverly location, which formerly housed the late Koo Koo Roo. Upon walking in, due to the sheer enormity of the place my mind immediately flashed NOAH'S NOAH'S NOAH'S. Bagel shops simply are not supposed to be this big. There shouldn't be enough seating to accommodate an entire youth soccer team. Legitimate bagel shops also shouldn't make such a big freaking deal about the water treatment set up. It mimics NY water. We get it.

That's where the complaints end however. The star of the show, the bagel, was delicious. Probably one of the better LA bagels. The first bite into the crisp (on the outside; soft in the inside) bagel immediately wiped away any possible Noah's connection. This actually is a very good bagel. One I look forward to having again. My lack of bagel picture with this post says it all -- I ate it before I could snap it.  And while I believe strongly bagel shops should stick to simply bagels, OBWBC also does a few other things well. The muffins all looked good and the incredibly gimmicky Black & White Muffin (picture above) did not disappoint. And the oft praised Ice Coffee also lived up to its billing. Such a simple idea, but the presence of coffee ice cubes for ice coffee is ingenious. The nearby U-bet chocolate syrup dispenser, which may or may not be free (who's telling?!?), furthered the great ice coffee experience.

So, uhh, I'm a fan of Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

UPDATE (1/12 at 1:45 PM):
OBWBC was kind enough to send me a few bagel photos...

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
262 S. Beverly Blvd, Beverly Hills
(USC and LAX-adjacent locations to come)

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