Monday, May 7, 2012

The Most Kick Ass Thing I Ate Last Week - The Beefy T (Chego)

Week Of: April 29 - May 5, 2012
Address: 3300 Overland Avenue, LA/Culver City (one shopping center north of Scoops Westside)
The Kick Ass Thing: The Beefy T rice bowl ("mild")
Cost: $9.00 (I also got the delicious Grilled Romaine Hearts to start for $6; pictured below)
Thoughts: I love Chego. In the afforable, fast, Asian-inspired, casual food arena it's probably my favorite. It's hard though- really, really hard for me to go to Chego and not get the Steak in the Heart sandwich. There are few, if any, steak sandwiches packing more flavor. To add insult to injury one of my friends that we met at Chego on Saturday ordered the Steak in the Heart, forcing me to view him tackle the deliciousness. But I proclaimed on the drive over that I would order something new this time around and I did just that - the equally scrumptious Beefy T rice bowl. The bowl contains "generous niblets of prime rib studded throughout hot chili fried rice" with a fried egg and some mysterious sweet and spicy paste to mix in. Like with the Steak in the Heart, the Beefy T offers layer upon layer of flavor in every bite. For $9, it is both satisfying and extremely filling. Even when ordered "mild" it still still bursts with flavor.
Awesome: Chego is BYOB and they are literally next door to a liquor store that offers beer (singles, doubles and by the six pack) and wine at reasonable prices.
Annoying: The parking lot out front can be war zone at busy dinner hours. May be better off trying to snag something in the nearby residential area. 

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