Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That One Time Magic Johnson Shut Me Up As I Ate Birthday Cupcake-flavored Yogurtland Froyo

Yes, Magic Johnson can still smack talk with the best of them. I know because we just had a little run in at the Century City AMC. All I can say is the dude's still got it.

I was standing outside my "The Dictator" theatre, eating Birthday Cupcake-flavored Yogurtland, waiting for seating to commence when I spotted Magic and an entourage making their way to the concessions.

As he passed -- probably feeling empowered by the froyo -- I said, "You know the Giants will finish atop the division."

"Didn't we just take care of you?"

"Yeah, but that was one series."

He then proceeded to make his way to the concession stand, order popcorn, etc., all the while yelling back to me across the lobby...

"We DID just take care of you last week."

Suddenly intimidated, I blurted out, "We won the World Series two years ago."

"How many games back are you?"

"Everybody knows the Dodgers have had an easy schedule thus far."

"I said, 'How many games back are you?'"


"It's more! You don't know what you're talking about. This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about," he remarked much to the delight of his entourage.

"I'll look it up."

I then fumbled with my phone for a solid twenty seconds to no avail as he buttered his popcorn. With no internet connection and the lobby turning against me, I resigned - took a deep breath, swallowed a diffident spoonful of froyo, put my head down and stepped into "The Dictator."

Screw actual basketball, how the fuck did Larry Bird ever win a verbal argument with that dude?

P.S. As of 5/16/12, the Giants are 6.0 games behind the Dodgers. Point, Magic.

P.S.S. I think Magic saw "Avengers" or "Think Like A Man" -- not entirely sure.

UPDATE (10/28/12) - THE GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES. Haven't seen Magic for a follow-up.


  1. i like the pic, you have never looked better!

  2. You're a Giants fan? Hummmm baby!