Thursday, June 21, 2012

LA Needs To Stop Ignoring Mao's Lunch Special

Many of you scoff at Mao's Kitchen. White people Chinese, you say. Well, guess what, ladies and gents, I am a white person and so are many of you. And while I enjoy the San Gabriel Valley spicy dark meat wonders from time to time, I often find myself at Mao's for three reasons: 1) Convenience, 2) It's consistently above average (verging on good, far from great, but ALWAYS above average) and 3) They offer the town's second best lunch special (nobody can beat Mozza's afternoon offering).

At both their Melrose and Venice Beach locations you get an absolute ton for a mere $7.50, yet my friends and I often find ourselves the solo afternoon patrons. Where else in these foot traffic-heavy areas are you going to get a better deal? My guess: no where. Nonetheless, the packed nightly Mao's remain rather vacant during the day. From time to time tourists will notice the sign out front and wander in, but even with them, it's just not enough. I fear almost every Mao's lunch visit will be my last because the restaurant will simply realize mid-day is not profitable enough. LET'S CHANGE THIS. YOU. ME. YOUR FRIENDS. YOUR ENEMIES. EVERYBODY. 

From 11 am - 5 pm (that practically makes it an early bird dinner special...) for your seven dollars and fiddy cents you get all of the following... 

Soup! (Hot & Sour shown, though the other option Great Harvest is recommended)

Egg roll! (a hefty-sized one at that)

Lunch-sized portion of ANY ENTREE! With rice! (that's the Orange Ginger Chicken)

In Conlusion: It's an awesome deal and I don't want it to go away, so please spread the word. Like the revolutionary Mao said himself, "Serve the People!"

Mao's Kitchen Hollywood - 7313 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood
Mao's Kitchen Venice - 1512 Pacific Avenue, Venice


  1. This is right around the corner from our house. I've always mean to go, never get around to it. You've inspired me!

  2. Little do you know that a few minutes away Mao's in Venice is a Chinese Chinese food joint that has a particularly good pepper steak, larger portions and is about 2 dollars cheaper. Me and my GF spend about $12 all together and bring home leftovers