Monday, June 4, 2012

List of Hundreds of Free Birthday Meals

In college my friends found it utterly hilarious to tell every restaurant we ate, "It's his birthday!" I ate more mediocre mud pies than you can ever imagine. But, hell, they were FREE mud pies. Restaurants love to give out stuff for birthdays. With this in mind, the people over at Freebie Depot compiled a list of hundreds of birthday food giveaways. You literally could eat a free hundred course meal on your special day! Sure, for a bunch of them you have to sign up for their email newsletter, but, dude, you get free food and beverage because of it! 

With my birth anniversary this Thursday, this is how I plan to eat for free:
Then I will immediately keel over and die and not live to the next birthday to do it all again. 

The full list of freebies can be found here.


  1. You would write a birthday post on my birthday!

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