Monday, June 18, 2012

The Little Door Offering $200 For Cocktail Recipe

Little Next Door is my favorite 3rd Street haunt. They make the city's most delectable French Dip sandwich (by a landslide). Honestly, if offered the chance, I would bathe in the sandwich's mustard horseradish dip/jus. It's that good. Same can be said for the brasserie's French onion soup, amongst other unique takes on French-Moroccan classics. While I've always wanted to try adjacent big sister restaurant, The Little Door, I'm just never able to silence my stomach's LND French Dip roars. Well, maybe now is the time we all check out The Little Door. To celebrate their recent full bar expansion, they are offering a $200 gift card for the most creative summer cocktail recipe. I most certainly will be giving it a shot (beer with beer with beer is summer-y, right?). Here are the contest details:
Submit an original cocktail recipe that embodies the experience of The Little Door, which will be judged based on the following criteria:
1) Originality/Creativity
  2) Use of Farmer's Market inspired ingredients 3)Seasonality and Taste 4) Cocktail name 
Variations on classic or common cocktails will be accepted. 
Photographs of the drink submitted are encouraged. Entries must include: Name, phone number, email address and (of course) the recipe. Submissions due Friday, 6/22/12. Winner announced next Wednesday, 6/27/12. 
Email entries to:

The Little Door
8164 W. 3rd Street, LA

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