Friday, June 8, 2012

Most Kick Ass Thing I Ate Last Week: Glazed Blueberry and Maple Buttermilk (DK Donuts & Bakery)

Week Of: 5/27/12 - 6/2/12
Restaurant: DK Donuts & Bakery
Address: 1614 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica
The Kick Ass Thing: Glazed Blueberry Cake Donut and Maple Buttermilk Bar
Thoughts: Last Friday I made a deal with myself: Sure, it's National Doughnut Day, but this year you are not going to partake. You don't even like donuts that much, I told myself. Then I spent hour after agonizing hour on Twitter and the such viewing one beautiful donut picture after the next by my fellow food blogger contingent. By 9 pm, I had changed my mind. But it was too late to get a free one at Krispy Kreme. My girlfriend checked SK's on her way home from work. Nothing good left, she reported. So when she got home we made the trek to Westwood to try the famous Stan's. Completely sold out. Not one donut left. Some Googling then alerted me to DK Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica. Maybe they'll have something left we thought, so we drove west to DK's... and were luckily greeted with a large selection (although they too, due to the holiday, were out of a lot of popular varieties). I settled for a Glazed Blueberry and my old high school standby, the Maple Buttermilk. Although I enjoyed the blueberry a lot (sort of like a highly sweetened blueberry muffin), the maple buttermilk was truly the star. A smooth and satisfying maple icing atop a perfectly crunchy and tasty buttermilk cake. I definitely will be back.
Awesome: A crazy massive donut selection. 
Annoying: Sort of a seedy shopping center, especially at 11 pm on a Friday.


  1. How the hell did I not know about this place when I lived in Santa Monica. I blame you, Unemployed Eater.

    BTW, how about Big Daddy Cain?

  2. Pretty sweet work by Mr. Cain.

  3. For me, DK is all about the Bavarian Donut Holes and Ham & Cheese croissant. Have them heat it up in the panini press. It's delightful.

    1. I'll definitely have to go Bavarian Donut Holes next visit.