Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pasadena Sandwich Company's Turkey Supreme Does Not Suck

Sometimes when I find myself with a lot of keyboard pecking to do, I hop in the car and drive an hour or so to a special coffee shop. I won't disclose the special coffee shop because, well, it wouldn't be special if I did. There's something about it that brings out the most of my wordsmithing - and I don't want that to change. On my way home, I always try to stop in Pasadena to sample the local lunch fare since I am rarely out that way. These stops have introduced me to the likes of the delightful Slaw Dogs, amongst others. Up until yesterday though, I avoided Pasadena Sandwich Company. Always one of the first to pop up on a "Pasadena lunch" Google search, the pictures just didn't look promising. It appeared Ho-hum sandwiches at best. But yesterday after a reminder rec by Twitter friend CaliGRLnDC I found myself so hungry and PSC so conveniently located right off the 210, I just couldn't resist. And I am glad I finally took the plunge...

Look, I'm a turkey sandwich guy, but I've recently grown quite tired of the old standby bird. I mean, hell, how many Boars Head turkey sandwiches can a guy eat before he wants to blow his brains out? I'm literally staring right at you Bay Cities. Your bread is wonderful, how about you compliment it with a finer turkey? Anyway... that's what makes PSC so special. They make their turkey IN HOUSE (as well as their roast beef, and a few other of their meats). Very few, if any, of LA's top sandwich places roast their own turkeys. And there's such a difference. Like the morning after Thanksgiving, the turkey is fresh, moist and perfectly seasoned. I highly recommend the Turkey Supreme (jack cheese, tomato, lettuce and I substituted Beaver hot mustard for the usual mayo) - though not exactly sure how a sandwich with such basic ingredients is bestowed such a prestigious moniker. A delicious sandwich on a soft Kaiser roll.

The odd sandwich name and the wait (it took a good 20 minutes to get my sandwich) are really my only complaints. They were both worth it though and I certainly will return.

Pasadena Sandwich Company
259 Sierra Madre Villa, Pasadena


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