Monday, July 2, 2012

Most Kick Ass Thing I Ate Last Week: Pier Burger (Pier Burger)

Week Of: 6/24/12 - 6/30/12
RestaurantPier Burger
Address: 330 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica
The Kick Ass Thing: Pier Burger
Price: $4.50 
Thoughts: Since I moved to Santa Monica I've prayed (literally) for a quality, walk-up, to go burger spot. Sure Umami isn't far - but that place takes way too long to immediately fulfill my frequent pregnancy-like burger cravings. My search seemed doomed... And then practically rising out of the sea came Pier Burger. Since trying it for the first time a month ago, I've been back three times. I really love this place. The back patio seating is great. The crisp fries are above average. Then there's the burger. As A Hamburger Today pointed out this is not a fancy burger. All you get is a griddled patty, a fresh tomato slice, lettuce, American cheese and a "secret sauce." It's not a big burger in today's terms either - a mere 1/4 pound Angus chuck patty (but it makes you feel less guilty about eating a ton of fries). In simplicity it excels though. The secret sauce is not just another mundane non-secret Thousand Island. Pier Burger's version offers some surprising spark and spice. The slightly-grilled potato bun is also soft and the perfect compliment to this size burger. The patty itself has been perfectly cooked in all four of my tastings.
Awesome: Think how satisfying this burger must be if I battled the treachery that is the Pier in the summertime.
Annoying: The Pier is the worst place on Earth. Okay, maybe second to the adjacent Promenade.


  1. Where can you park -- without spending 8 bucks -- to eat here?

  2. The Promenade/Santa Monica Place lots are free before 5 or 6 pm for up to two hours.