Thursday, July 12, 2012

Most Kick Ass Thing I Drank Last Week: Margarita (Gilbert's El Indio)

Week Of: 7/1/12 - 7/7/12
Restaurant: Gilbert's El Indio
Address: 2526 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica
The Kick Ass Thing: Margarita Blended (with a salted brim)
Price: $13.75/pitcher
Thoughts: Some Santa Monicans love Gilbert's. Others absolutely loathe it. Either way, the place has an undeniable local neighborhood charm that rarely exists in these here parts. With walls littered with actor headshots and locals on family vacations, it truly is a place where everyone knows your name. And the best night to go to Gilbert's? Taco Tuesdays, of course. For a mere $1, you can choose a small (but not tiny) soft or hard shelled taco filled with their various delicious meats. The perfect compliment to these bargain basement tacos is a pitcher of blended margarita. Sure, you can see the bartender pour straight from some Costco-looking jug, but I shit you not: very few Westside margs pack more flavor and punch. The $1 tacos and a tasty pitcher of margarita doth make a fine Tuesday night dinner with the lass. 
Awesome: $1 TACOS!!!!
Annoying: This is not so-called "authentic" Mexican. Expect gringo cheese with your tacos.

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