Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abbot's Pizza Company in Santa Monica and Culver City Now Grey Block Pizza

The lady friend alerted me to this switch-a-roo this morning. Abbot's Pizza Company, in both Santa Monica and Culver City, is now Grey Block Pizza. Abbot's fans do not fret though: the original Abbot's on AK in Venice remains intact. Additionally, Grey Block is a new venture from the Abbot's owners and from the looks of it, the menu remains eerily similar, famed Bagel Crust, Salad Pizza and all...

To be honest, it basically appears they just changed the name, gave the place a more modern paint job and added a few menu items in an attempt to confuse the customer into thinking it was now a fancier pizza joint and, in doing so, raise prices a tad. Nonetheless, here's the official explanation of the moniker flip from the Grey Block website:
Grey Block Pizza is a new venture from the creator of Abbot’s Pizza Company. Grey Block Pizza is the culmination of 25 years of pizza making and 17 years of ownership as Abbots Pizza Company. Grey Block Pizza locations were both formerly Abbot’s Pizza spots. Grey Block Pizza is not a new startup! Grey Block Pizza is the final result of our unwillingness to compromise on reaching our full potential in preparing and presenting phenomenal pizza. We hope you notice the changes and enjoy the next phase in our evolution.


  1. I had heard that the reason for the name change was an internal dispute between the co-owners of Abbot's, with the result that Grey Block is owned by one half while the original Abbot's is owned by the other ... but this is hearsay and could do with further investigation.

    1. Interesting. That would certainly explain the identical menu. I'll try to snoop around and dig some stuff up. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Interesting... that would explain an otherwise inexplicably stupid move.

      Otherwise, it makes no sense to spend nearly two decades building a widely respected brand just to toss that away for no good reason.

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  3. Anyone have any insight as to the origins of the obscure sounding new name? Perhaps they consulted with the folks over at Plan Check?

    1. Plan Check is actually a great name as it is down the street from the West LA Building & Safety Department (AKA Plan Check).

  4. The Brothers split, the original founder and creator took on the SM and CC stores. No price changes just some new add ons to the menu, a cleaner look and feel.

  5. y porque han discutido ????

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