Monday, August 27, 2012

Alejo's Now Eddie's Italian Kitchen

What is up with esteemed Westside haunts undertaking major name flips this summer? Just a few weeks back, mainstay Abbot's Pizza Company (in Santa Monica and Culver City) became Grey Block out of the blue and now lauded affordable Italian joint, Alejo's (the Marina Del Rey/Venice location on Washington Blvd), has become Eddie's Italian Kitchen.

Despite the new name (due to some contractual snag with the Westchester location), no other changes are expected. The restaurant remains under the same management and the menu intact, which is good news because the B.Y.O.B. spot offers one of the city's best chopped salads as well as an addictive bread-garlic dipping sauce combo.

Meanwhile, the other Alejo's further up Lincoln will retain its name.

Find the Eddie's menu here.


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