Monday, August 13, 2012

Coffee (Bean) Finally Coming to Century City Mall!

For years on end I've been baffled by one of LA's greatest mysteries: why doesn't Westfield Century City have a LEGITIMATE COFFEE PURVEYOR? Every other high end LA mall/shopping center/movie theatre combo offers multiple coffee spots. The Grove? A Coffee Bean and a Starbucks. The (dreaded) Third Street Promenade? Two Coffee Beans, one Starbucks. But Century City? Nada. Instead for years if you wanted a latte or espresso pre-movie screening (as I and others often do), you either settle for the brown water at Kelly's Fudge or walk out of the mall to the adjacent offerings.

Well, come autumn, this nightmare will finally be behind us. While it would have been cool to see an Intelligentsia or something special, I must admit I'm pretty stoked for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stand opening on the ground floor, adjacent to the food court escalator. Just to ensure this was not a mirage, I reached out to CB and they confirmed. The kiosk will open in October and have a "completely unique design" and a "fire pit just outside of it." Sounds neat-o.

((Thanks to my good friend Bern for tipping me off to the scaffold))

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