Thursday, October 25, 2012

My 88-Year Old Grandmother Reviews The Bent Spoon's Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Earlier this year my grandmother sampled and reviewed Momofuku Milk Bar's Compost Cookie to such adulation I knew I had to make it a running series. She loves sweets, but she does not "like fussy desserts," she says. So, naturally, like a good grandson, I only bring her desserts with just enough fussiness...

This time around I picked up a Classic Chocolate Chunk cookie from Princeton, New Jersey's famed The Bent Spoon. Known nationally for serving some of the country's best ice cream [Editor's Note: I'd say it's the best I've ever had...] and an absolute must visit if you're in the Garden State, The Bent Spoon is also admired for serving some of New Jersey's best baked goods. This includes cupcakes, but the cookies are really the shining stars.

Without further ado, here is my 88-year old grandmother's review of The Bent Spoon's Classic Chocolate Chunk cookie....

APPEARANCE: "Very impressive looking, but not overly impressive looking" and "We should get some yellow daisies to put around it because it's pretty."

TASTE: "I like the taste, although a little bland" and "Chewy" and "Maybe too sweet" and "Nice cookie, but that's my opinion."

PRICE ($2.25): "Outrageous, really. How dare they charge so much for a cookie. It's not that big of a cookie."

Thanks, Granny.

The Bent Spoon
35 Palmer Square West
Princeton, NJ

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