Thursday, October 4, 2012

Secret Menu: California Chicken Cafe

Say what you will about California Chicken Cafe, but it's an LA stalwart. With seven LA locations, you're almost always within driving distance of a somewhat healthy, somewhat affordable chicken lunch or dinner. Until recently though CCC presented a conundrum: you either got rotisserie chicken or a large fresh salad. The two were separate entities. The salads only came with cold, all white meat breast chunks, which while tasty, certainly lack the flavor and texture of hot off the rotisserie bird. 

Thanks to my good friend Mat of Holy Grail Guitars, I am now informed that is no longer the case. While the on-the-menu chicken salads continue to come with the white breast meat chunks, for an additional $1 you can now get hot, rotisserie chicken atop your salad. That's some In 'n Out Animal-style Secret Menu shiz right there. And trust me, it elevates the salads tenfold. As you can see in the picture above too, they don't skimp on the rotisserie chicken either. You get a very hearty portion.  Most importantly for those who frequent CCC on a weekly basis, it's something different to try. 


  1. Whoah... many, many times have I wished they would do this. Thanks for the tip!

  2. You just changed my Monday night go-to take out!

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