Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coffeeshop Chatterbox: Two Gingers (November 13, 2012)

Due to the recent success of live tweeting the Coffee Bean $1 Holiday Drink Day and the fact that I spend almost every day in coffeeshops overhearing people say some really stupid shit, I've decided to add a hopefully frequent set of posts to the blog. They will be called Coffeeshop Chatterbox and they will simply recite an overheard conversation over java. This is the first entry. 

Date: 11/13/12
Location: Santa Monica coffeeshop (*note: not the one in the picture above)
Time: 12:41 pm
Setting: All late morning and early afternoon the shaved head, fancy facial haired guy two seats down from me has desperately attempted to incite conversation with the semi-cute Asian girl in a semi-short white skirt in between the two of us. She finally bit. And this is a sample of their conversation.

Guy - "I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe's."
Girl - "I only do Farmer's Markets."
Guy - "You ever been to the Farmer's Market over there on Wednesday?"
Girl - "Yeah, Tuesday's better."
Guy - "Tuesday's better?"
Girl - "Yeah. WAY better."
Guy - "Even for ginger?"
Girl - "I LOVE ginger."
Guy - "So do I! I have it in everything."
Girl - "Me too. Well, sorta. I used to have ginger every day at work..."
Girl glances away momentarily, almost to sigh. It appears she's now jobless.
Guy - "Really?"
Girl - "Water and lemon and ginger. Every morning."
Guy - "I love ginger. It's so versatile. You should see my kitchen, ginger everywhere."
Girl - "Ahh, that's so funny."
Girl pretends to return to her "work" on her computer that she clearly doesn't have to do.

Analysis: The Guy followed up this dialogue by telling, I shit you not, multiple Asian jokes. Thus, I have no fears whatsoever these two will de-sanitize the bathroom.


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