Thursday, February 7, 2013

Frysmith Truck Hosting Month of Pop-Ups

How en vouge! The ever-popular Frysmith truck, known for their creative takes on the thin cut deep fried po-tato, will run four consecutive week-long pop-ups on their truck the weeks of February 18th through March 17th. After successfully debuting the soup-centric Soupsmith last year (which, by the way, I loved), this year the truck will tackle soup once again, but also three other culinary arenas. The first week will be Soupsmith, featuring all new soups, including housemade miso with ground sesame, braised short ribs, Israeli couscous and veggies. The second week will be Wichsmith, a week of "whimsical sandwiches," like the Sausage and Sprouts (sauteed Italian sausage, deep-fried Brussels Sprouts, arugula pesto, shallots and roasted ed peppers). Next comes Quesadillasmith (think: six cheese to a take on fish and chips) before they end the pop-up with Wingsmith, which will offer from "traditional wings to the unusual."   

During the four weeks, you will, as always, be able to order most of the Frysmith's normal menu highlights, as well as a side of frites.

They will announce their mobile destinations the week of via their website and Twitter.


  1. That's so cool! Just wish Frysmith had more of a presence on the Westside...

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