Monday, April 22, 2013

Meatless Monday Lunch: Dan's Super Subs (Woodland Hills)

Date: Monday, April 15, 2013
RestaurantDan's Super Subs
Address: 22446 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills
Ordered: 13" "Pacific Coast" (Cheese & Avocado sandwich)
Thoughts: My blogging buddy Howard at Consuming LA is a Valley maven, so he's become my go-to guy for restaurant requests in the foreign region. I told him I had a meeting on a Wednesday in Woodland Hills, did he have any sandwich recommendations? He immediately suggested Dan's Super Subs - said it was the best sub shop in the Valley. He may be right. Having glimpsed at my fellow patrons' fare, if I had gone on a Wednesday as originally planned, it very much could have been the best sub shop in the Valley. Unfortunately, I got a flat tire on Wednesday and the meeting got rescheduled for a Monday. A Meatless Monday. Dan's Super Subs has a extensive and massive menu. There may be 70 sandwiches on the menu. They, however, only offer four veggie subs. So... it's fair to say a vegetarian sandwich is not an accurate gauge of DSS. My "Cheese and Avocado" sandwich? More like lots of cheese, some avocado. This despite the fact I ordered a FREAKING 13 INCHER. Still not a lot of avocado. The roll was tasty, the cheeses (provolone, cheddar, Swiss) quality and the added onions, tomatoes, crushed red pepper, balsamic and honey mustard added some flavor depth. I left full, but, hell, 13 inches of cardboard can fill you up. I definitely need to return on a non-Meatless Monday.
Did I Miss Meat?: More than ever.


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