Tuesday, August 13, 2013

UPDATE: Sweet Rose Creamery Opens Officially Tomorrow at Pico/Lincoln in Santa Monica

3RD UPDATE (9/20/13 6:04 PM): The second Sweet Rose Creamery soft opened today (to frenzied crowds) and will officially open their doors tomorrow morning. The new location at 826 Pico Blvd. will serve morning pastries by famed co-owner Zoe Nathan (and almost all of them will be special to the spot) as well as Caffe Luxxe coffee and, of course, ice cream. Delicious, delicious ice cream. On offer are their classics like Salted Caramel as well as some seasonal specials like the toothsome Nectarine. They're also doing a killer Peanut Butter and Kyoho Grape soft-serve (pictured above) that, when swirled, makes a frozen PB&J combo that's much better than the ones your Mom made growing up. Sweet Rose at the corner of Pico and Lincoln will be open daily 7 am - 10 pm.
(((Check back next week for some behind the scenes kitchen/dairy/freezer pictures and some notes from owner Josh Loeb on future plans for Sweet Rose and other restaurant concepts.)))

2ND UPDATE (9/9/13 3:38 PM): According to the LA Times, the new Sweet Rose will open on September 21, 2013. Check out LAT's coverage on the latest iteration of the popular ice creamery, special flavors (including soft serve), plus information on their future Beverly Blvd. location.

UPDATE (8/14/13 10:19 AM): Although they are still finalizing the menu, hours and opening date, word is they will open sometime in the fall.

PREVIOUS: Rumors have swirled for months regarding the expansion of popular Santa Monica/Brentwood ice creamery, Sweet Rose Creamery. The question wasn't when they would open next, rather, WHERE? I'm happy to report my gf's stealth eyesight has delivered the answer: in Santa Monica, on Pico, just East of Lincoln Blvd. This is a major coup for that neck of the woods and fantastic dessert news for Main Street and Ocean Park denizens. Also, according to signage, this Sweet Rose may serve more than just 'scream by also offering some of Zoe Nathan's beloved pastries.

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