Monday, August 5, 2013

The 5 LA Foodie Instagram Feeds You Should Be Following

Nowadays everybody takes pictures of their food. It's not a niche thing anymore. We are no longer nerds for doing it. Nor are we unique. At a decent meal in LA, one can expect to see dozens of fellow whippersnappers. Some for kicks and gigs. Some professionally. But let's be honest: some do it MUCH better than others. Whether it be the specific shots or the subject matter, there are 5 Instagram Feeds I find myself always checking and I think it's about high time you as a fellow local food lover make sure you are following these five people too. In no particular order:

- ROXANA JULLAPAT (@roxana506)
LA loves Cooks County. Local denizens are especially effusive toward the Beverly Blvd restaurant's desserts. And the woman behind those desserts? Pastry chef and co-owner Roxana Jullapat, who very graciously via her Instagram feed provides followers an unparalleled backstage kitchen pass. Roxana shares pics from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market where she picks out her goods and then a few hours later... POOF... there are the pie results. She also likes to share pics of her favorite desserts around town.  
(((pic: Caneles from Canele)))

- ZACH BROOKS (@midtownlunchla)

It comes as no surprise that Zach, the man behind U.E.'s favorite LA food blog, Midtown Lunch LA, also is the brains behind probably the city's most gluttonous Instagram feed. Every day Zach is out there pounding the LA pavement, in search of the best eats. Many times for the cheap lunches he features on his blog, but his Instagram goes even beyond that. So while you have an abundance of buffet, dessert, Tito's Tacos, SGV Asian and Orange County Fair fried goodness pics, you also have some damn fine and appetizing shots of Fishing With Dynamite oysters and Kiriko sushi.
(((pic: Banchan at Genwa)))

- ZOE NATHAN LOEB (@zoenathanloeb)

When you serve as pastry chef and co-owner of four of Santa Monica's best restaurants (Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry, Milo & Olive and Sweet Rose Creamery), all known for stellar indulgences (a.k.a. desserts), odds are your Instagram feed will be worth following. Zoe Nathan does not disappoint. She originally hopped on Instagram to preview behind the scenes trials and successes for her upcoming Huckleberry cookbook. With that now finished, she continues to share various cakes, pies and cookies from the restaurants and even a few savory courses at home. How enjoyable is Zoe's feed? When I set up Instagram on my stepmom's iPhone a few weeks ago, I immediately set her to follow family members and... Zoe.
(((pic above: Toasted Walnut and Brown Sugar Apricot Cake; pic at top of post: Butterfly Pie)))

- STACEY SUN (@thestaceysun)

As the DiscoverLA/DineLA Director of LA Tourism, Stacey is the lady behind Restaurant Week, but from the looks of her Instagram feed, every week is Restaurant Week for Stacey. She seems to be out and eating and drinking at the city's best spots on the regular - and she very generously shares all her snaps via social media. The best part of @thestaceysun's feed though is her ordering variance. Rarely does she order the same dish, so almost every night comes a new, different delectable picture. I do warn you though: prepare to be extremely jealous of some of her work perks.
(((pic: Uni Wrapped in Scallop, Topped With Caviar from Ootoro Sushi)))

- NATASSIA JOHNSON (@letmeeatcake)

Natassia's Instagram profile bio says it all: Donut lover. Pie enthusiast. Cake connoisseur. Named after her blog of the same name, the @letmeeatcake feed is a murderers' row of local desserts. No one samples more and travels farther in the Southland seeking out LA's top sweets. In the past week alone, she posted pix of the Salted Caramel Brioughnut from Confexion (Pasadena), Affagato from Scoops Westside (Culver City), Kringle from Copenhagen Pastry (Culver City), donuts from Bob's (Farmer's Market at The Grove) and Morning Buns from Handsome Coffee Roasters (DTLA). Have a sudden sweet tooth? Scan her feed. You'll find exactly what you want.
(((pic: Pistachio Cupcake With Pistachio Meringue from Magnolia Bakery)))

**Five not enough new foodie feeds to follow? U.E. is also on Instagram. Although not all, I do post food pics. And pics of my Boston Terrier. And sweet ocean views. Sometimes, even the trifecta: food, in front of my dog, who is front of an ocean view.**


  1. Fun story, and good choices. Pretty convincing arguments.

  2. zach + nastassia's are 2 of my favorites - great list!

  3. Limer35 and DarinDines are good ones too!

  4. These are great! I follow them all. I would also add @clementinefoods, @lindygrundy and @heirloomla !!

  5. @CEVICHEPROJECT is great too!

  6. And definitely Jessica Koslow's @sqirl_confitures!!

  7. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post in a week or two of "5 LA Restaurant Instagram Feeds to Follow."

  8. Ahem. Of course I do take pics of more than just food. :)

    Nastassia, Darin, Lindy + Grundy and I are nominated for LA Weekly's Best Food Instagrammer award along with a few others including Fork Reporter.

  9. Most of these pictures are of desserts! I guess we know the way to your heart UE.

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  11. don't forget @CFcraftbutchery :)

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