Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From The Road: Adamson's French Dip (Sunnyvale, CA)

Restaurant: Adamson's French Dip.

Where: Sunnyvale, Northern California.

What's It All About: Top notch wood-fired, prime rib French Dip sandwiches in a quaint and quiet South Bay/Silicon Valley strip mall fast casual setting.

Ordered: Prime Rib French Dip and side order of French Fries.

Should I Go There If I'm Ever Anywhere Near?: YES. YES. YES.

Why?: This has sort of been The Year of The Roast Beef. I've sampled some tremendous meaty sandwich fare. Adamson's though is the best of its genre in 2013. It takes the French Dip and elevates it to the next level by slowly and meticulously smoking the prime rib over oak chips in a custom-made wood-burning oven. So you get the classically satisfying FD taste PLUS a BBQ-smokiness that truly transcends Adamson's fare to another level. The meat's well, meaty, yet, perfectly tender. Additionally elevating the sandwich to the next stratosphere: some of the house horseradish (not horsey sauce - straight up, pure, makes your nose bleed, HORSERADISH), a perfect custom-made-for-Adamson's French roll (which is not too thick, yet effectively holds the sandwich) and a dip or two in the au jus bath. Truly a top notch sandwich worth a visit next time you're in the South Bay. The fries are also worth ordering -- crisp, skin-on, lightly seasoned. And don't be a bonehead like me: they make their own root beer, order it, dude.

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