Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LA Phil + Nice Dinner = Affordable?

If you're like me, you probably often drive by the Walt Disney Concert Hall, marvel at its sheer beauty and think to yourself, "I should, like, totally go there more often." But then that just doesn't happen. A lot of the times it comes down to economics. When you add LA Philharmonic tickets plus dinner plus parking, you got a pretty pricey evening. Sure, you want to be a cultured individual, but not if it's going to make you go broke. Well, it appears the LA Phil feels your pain and wants to offer a solution in the form of Get Your Phil, a new fall program that, on select dates, allows concert goers to enjoy an upscale, multi-course pre-show meal at a nearby restaurant for a mere $32. And as you can see from the lineup below, it's not restaurants you don't want to eat at etiher. So, get some grub and some culture already, bro. No excuses because it's now sorta affordable:
Friday, October 25  - Border Grill Downtown LA (Salonen & Sibelius)
Friday, November 8 - Le Ka Restaurant (Tovey & Shostakovich) 
Saturday, November 30 - Blue Cow Kitchen (((U.E. initial review and owner interview))) (Bach, Schumann and more)

Buy tix here.

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