Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Recently the super rad peeps over at Keurig sent me a K-Cup homebrewing system - and I have to admit I love the thing. It makes individual cups of solid Joe, quickly, without any of the normal clean up. And I'm lazy as eff, so imagine my adoration for this convenient coffeemaker. It gets even better: I recently discovered Peet's makes K-Cups

Anyway, the Keurig kin didn't want the fun to stop with lolely ole me. They want to share the love with my friends, family, enemies, neurologists, fellow Unemployed Eaters... Everyone, even people randomly ending up on my blog and not sure how they got here and not sure if they like it or not. Pretty much, YOU. To make this happen, Keurig provided TEN coupons for HALF OFF A KEURIG COFFEEMAKER. Simply order before 12/31/13 through the Keurig site and enter your Personal Coupon Code at checkout. That's it. They're even throwing in FREE SHIPPING.

They make great holiday gifts for loved ones, or, you know, more importantly, yourself.

Want one of these coupons? Email me your request and I'll respond with your personal code. 

I ask for nothing in return - unless you're not already following U.E. on Facebook. Why the heck not, bro? If this is the case, throw me a holiday bone and LIKE U.E. please... A very Happy Thanksgivukkah to all. 


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    1. There's two left I think. Want one? Email mike@unemployedeater.com.

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