Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Umami Dude's New Concept Doing Chocolate Fried Chicken... Wait, what?

No one ever accused Adam Fleischman and his AdVantage Restaurant Partners group of swaying fom the adventurous. With both Umami and 800 Degrees, they were gambling trailblazers that quickly brought dozens of copycats. This though may be Fleischman' and co.'s biggest gamble yet: chocolate-infused battered fried chicken. The new spot, Choco Chicken opens in downtown's South Park district in March and will serve the aforementioned choco-bird, as well as housemade biscuits and spirits. 

Although it's a little out there, can't really question my tastebuds' affection for Fleischman's previous offerings. I will definitely be downtown come March to have my cake and eat it in fried chicken too.

Choco Chicken
(Opening March 2014)
403 W. 12th Street, DTLA

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