Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Where To Eat After Seeing "Book of Mormon" at The Pantages

Outside of "So... when's the wedding?," the query I receive most frequently of late is:

"Where should I eat after 'Book of Mormon?'"

"Book of Mormon" is the massively successful satirical musical from the "South Park" dudes that has played on and off at The Pantages for the past year or two. And when it's on? It's packed. Sold out. Los Angelenos, myself included, can't get enough of the singing apostles. It's a legitimate question too to ask where to eat in that area because it's foreign territory to most. So foreign I receive the inquiry almost weekly right now as BoM has returned to Hollywood until mid-May. With that in mind, I thought I'd share my suggestions for a meal post-Pantages...

The Across Street Option: Wood & Vine
- Due to its location right across the street from the theatre entrance, Wood & Vine stands as the primo dining destination. Another reason you should do W&V: it's the best restaurant in the area. I mean, look at the chicken and waffles above. I mean, REALLY LOOK AT IT. You want that. I want that. Everybody wants that. W&V is much more than just chicken and waffles though. It's one of those few spots in LA that offers a very Hollywood feel (beautiful indoor and outdoor space) with really tasty grub and schmancy drinks at a fair pricepoint. Nothing on the menu hovers above $25 dollars, yet it still possesses that thee-ate-ur glitzy night out of on the town grandiosity to it. Highly recommended: the Butterscotch Pot de Creme and super late night Friday and Saturday Happy Hour. (((Make a reservation via OpenTable))) 

The Always Good, Albeit A Little Contrite At This Point Option: Katsuya
- By now, most people are sick of Katsuya. Not because it isn't delicious as all hell, -- their Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna still takes it to another level -- but more people just find its once innovative cuisine now a little staid and bland. However, the Hollywood location is a mere block west of The Pantages and a great alternative to the probably mobbed Wood & Vine. Get the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno and the Miso Black Cod. (((Make a reservation via OpenTable)))

The More Casual Option: Village Pizzeria
- A select few of local critics complain about Village Pizza. They say the slices can be inconsistent and the pizza underbelly too tan. Well, I think those people have a point at times, but that doesn't mean VP still doesn't pump out some of the city's top and most enjoyable Brooklyn-style pizza pies. The pizzas come out floppy, hot and fresh just like you want them. Grab a beer or a cold soda and, like the original Larchmont location, the Hollywood Village Pizza offers something found at very few other Southland restaurants: a sense of neighborhood. There's just a comforting, homey, suburban feel to the spot. VP is a seven minute walk or a couple minute drive on Yucca from the theatre.

The Lady Likes Seafood Option: The Hungry Cat
- A Hollywood stalwart for years now, The Hungry Cat remains one of LA's top seafood meccas. The fun part about HC is you can go rather reasonable ($17 octopus and $23 Lamb 'n Clams, for example) or REALLY BIG ($147 multi-tier Hungry Cat seafood platter). Either way you go, you're in good hands in this very inviting space from acclaimed local chefs Suzanne Goin and husband David Lentz. Get the mussels. (((Make a reservation via Open Table)))

Feel Like A Burger Option: Stout
- Work up a burger hunger watching all those actors run around and sing for two hours? Go to Stout on Cahuenga. Their namesake burger is one of the best in the entire city and they also offer a superlative tap beer selection.

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