Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Update: CIBOTECA, an Italian "Fast Casual Gourmet Marketplace," Now Open Down the Street From Bay Cities

For years Santa Monicans, sick of waiting in endless Bay Cities lines, have cried themselves to sleep at night in search of nearby high-end deli competition. Well, their prayers are finally being answered as the Piccolo Group (Piccolo Venice, Hostaria del Piccolo) opens CIBOTECA, right down the street at 606 Broadway in Santa Monica.

Very much an Italian deli with California sensibilities, the "fast casual gourmet marketplace" promises "panini to insalate, seasonal sides and take-away creations, whimsical pastries" as well as Caffe Luxxe coffee and housemade and imported goods. On the sandwich menu, the Cotoletta (veal milanese, dijon mustard, shaved parmesan, mizuna) and Salmone (smoked salmon, roasted mushrooms, robiolina soft cheese) sound especially enticing - on some solid-looking Bread Lounge bread. As for the patisserie, the Green Tea Tiramisu should be a stand out.

With Bay Cities finally receiving big league competition in the 'hood, it will be interesting to see if the BC hysteria dies down at all. Probably not. Yet still enthralling to have a new beachside Italian deli.