Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Next Stop: Culver City

Photo Courtesy Richard Hawkins of Focus at Infinity
After almost eight years -- with a brief Brentwood stint in the middle -- I am departing Santa Monica. It certainly is not easy. I love Santa Monica. Especially the food. Scarfing down a Pier Burger with the Pacific as your backdrop is the American dream Washington fought for. As is downing a few too many margs at Border Grill. Hell, I could probably go on and on about the places in Santa Monica that make me jolly and rotund-- Okay, I will... Huckleberry, your bread pudding and I will always have a thing. Same for the garlic knots of Milo + Olive. Samesies for Sweet Rose Creamery's Salted Caramel 'scream. Just the mere thought of popping a bottle of cheap red on the Cha Cha Chicken patio causes my heart to go all aflutter. Bru's, your chicken and waffles don't suck. Neither do your chocolate chip cookies, M Street, or your rugelach, Sweet Lady Jane. And, Bay Cities, oh, DEAR BAY CITIES, as the sun sets, there is not a more romantic spot on this ENTIRE EARTH.

A few weeks ago our landlords suddenly informed us they needed our bungalow for a family member. This came as a total surprise. With wedding planning also in full swing, we needed to find a new abode ASAP. After traversing Santa Monica for an available spot, we came up empty. We broadened the search a tad and found a great house just a little east. Obviously not too east, I am a Westsider through and through. It's not like I'm moving to New York or something. Or worse, the eastside... (I kid. Or do I?)

Lindsay and I are landing in Culver City. Right by Helms. That way I can continue to relive my Santa Monica memories via the other Father's Office location.

Now, for the important information: this will not affect the blog. Unemployed Eater may have originated in Santa Monica, but over the past few years I've tried my darnedest to widen its scope by covering Los Angeles' best food deals EVERYWHERE IN LA. While it maintains a Santa Monica slant, I would hope UE readers appreciate the traversal coverage. This will not change. I still love Santa Monica and plan to heavily cover the local food news. Yet, I think the Culver City relocation will only help the blog. It centralizes everything a bit and plops this hungry man child a little bit closer to other Southland enivorns.

Wish me luck. Or don't. Up to you. But thanks for and continuing to read Unemployed Eater. I truly am beyond grateful. I promise the Culver move will only make things peachier around here. Even though it's only 7 miles and 12 driving minutes away, it's foreign soil - and that really excites my stomach.

You live in Culver? Any gems I should check out? Leave them in the Comments. Also, what is a Culver City resident? A Culverian? Culvite? CCman?


  1. Let’s go to Father’s Office sometime! I still have never had their burger.

    1. Definitely. You've never had it? Oh, man. That seems herculean...

  2. If you like sushi, Sakura on Centinela and Culver is amazing!

  3. Thanks, Natalie. Will check out Sakura.

  4. Moving (especially unexpectedly) is quite the bummer, but it's great that you managed to find something asap. As for recs, I'm a bona fide carnivore, but I love Bawarchi. Mayura next door to it is great too.

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