Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FREE FREE FREE: Free Hot Dogs Saturday at Dog Haus

With a plan for a whopping 50 locations (!) in the near future, the local King's Hawaiian bread-bunned hot dog and burger joint, Dog Haus, clearly envisions taking over the world Dr. Evil-style. Before they get ahead of themselves though they plan on opening their fourth/first franchised location this Saturday, June 14th, in Canoga Park. And they want YOU to join the opening day festivities.

As a reward? FREE HAUS DOG. 
Free. Haus. Dog.

Just stop by between 11 am - 10 pm to collect your reward. On gratis offer will be a selection of Dog Haus' most popular tube steaks, including the Sooo Cali Haus Dog (arugula, tomato, crispy onions, spicy basil aioli and avocado; pictured above) and The Cowboy Haus Dog (American cheese, smoked bacon, bbq sauce and crispy onions), amongst other hits.

Dog Haus
6501 Topanga Canyon, Canoga Park
11am - 10pm daily


  1. We invited some friends over for a summer barbeque a few weeks ago and it was a ton of fun! Lej en pølsevogn

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