Monday, July 14, 2014

Eat This Right Now: Kouign-Amann (Bread Lounge)

They may be profoundly difficult to pronounce (qween ah-MON, according to LA Weekly), but Kouign-Amanns are having their LA moment right now. The Breton pastry and its buttery-sugary crystallized nirvana suddenly appears on almost every Southland bakery menu. The best version though is definitely from DTLA's Bread Lounge. If you don't think you know Bread Lounge, you probably do. Their superlative bread can be found as the base for sandwiches all over town. They have a way with dough that's pretty unparalleled in these parts and this extends to the Kouign-Amann. Flaky like a croissant, sugary like a morning bun, enormous like a pastry for an entire breakfast should be. Go get it.

700 S. Santa Fe Ave, DTLA
Mon-Thurs, 7:30-5:30; Fri-Sat, 7-6:30; Sun, 8-5:30


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